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Our Mission and Vision

Our Mission:

  • To treat and serve our customers with respect & pleasure and support them in activities that will improve quality of their life.
  • To create financial security for our customers and value for our shareholders in ways that continue to emphasize quality, high value and uncompromising integrity.
  • To promote confidence and commitment among staff members so that Bank addresses expectations of the customers efficiently and easy handling of ever evolving banking technologies.
  • To provide all Our employees an environment that inculcates belongingness towards Bank and recognizes professional development, creativity and ambition.
  • To focus on high earnings and business growth with very low volatility by maximising competitive risk, adjusted return on capital, planned reduction in average cost of funds, increased yield on advances and investments besides reduction in cost of operations.
  • To facilitate a process of restructuring of branches to support a greatest efficiency in the field of Rural and Retail Banking.
  • To adopt and operationalize high level technology standards for developing innovative products and low cost services that attract our targeted customers and addresses inefficiencies in Indian Financial Sector.
  • To adopt professional approach in managing financial as well as non-financial risks through an efficient Risk Management and Internal Control System in the bank.
  • To maintain a high standards in Asset quality through disciplined Credit Risk Management.

Our Vision:

“Our Vision is to be a financially strong, efficient and the most favoured bank in our area of operation. We also want to provide cost effective developmental banking for small business, mass markets and rural markets in our area of command. We strive to provide the finest customer service, create superior products and give the give results for satisfaction of our stake holders.”

MBGB Value:

  • We wish to maximize profitability and profit of the Bank with due COMPLIANCE to PRUDENTIAL GUIDELINES.
  • We have strong belief in HONESTY, INTEGRITY and SINCERETY.
  • We are SENSITIVE to Issues affecting our society.
  • We wish to achieve the Highest Standards of TRANSPARANCY and ACCONTIBILITY in the conduct of Banking Business.
  • For our Customers and with each other we are:
    • APPROACHABLE and FOCUSSED on building Long-Lasting Relationships.
    • TRUSTWORTHY in all we say and do.
    • RESPECTFUL to every one we come across with.
    • MOTIVATED by helping others achieving success personally and professionally.
    • ENTHUSIATIC about what we do.
    • EMPOWERED to take reasonable risks.
    • FRIENDLY and ENGAGING at the workplace.