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Interest Rates - Loans & Advances

LENDING RATE STRUCTURE (Linked to BPLR Rate) (w.e.f. 21.11.2016)

BPLR =14.00 % p.a.

1.   (a) Agricultural & Small Enterprises Advances (MSE) including trading advances covered under MSME Act.


Lending Rate

a) Advances


i) Agriculture production Credit


For KCC advances up to Rs. 3 Lakh

7% p.a. ( for regular accounts)

ii) Agri. Term loans

BPLR – 2.00% =12.00%

b) Loan to Micro & Small Enterprises


i) Micro Loan Up to 50000/-

Deleted (Covered under MUDRA)

ii) Advances over Rs. 50000/- but up to Rs. 20


BPLR-2.00% =12.00 % (Loan up to 10.00

Lakh to be covered under MUDRA)

iii) Advances over Rs. 20 Lac but up to Rs. 50


BPLR-2.00% =12.00 %

iv)  Advances Over Rs. 50 Lakh

BPLR- 2.00% =12.00%

Note:  Interest is 7% p.a. in the regular Crop Loan/KCC accounts on running balance outstanding up to

Rs. 3 Lakh. On irregular accounts/outstanding beyond Rs. 3.00 Lakh, normal rate of interest is to be charged.

Rate of Interest for Loan covered under MUDRA Loan:

MSME Loan covered under MUDRA Loan

Revised (w.e.f.)

Up to Rs 50000/-

BPLR –4.40% = 9.60

Rs 50001/- to 200000/-

BPLR –3.80% = 10.20

Rs 200001/- to 10.00 Lakh

BPLR – 2.00% = 12.00%

1.   (b) Trading Advances not covered under MSME Act

i.          Upto Rs.2 lakh


BPLR -0.50 % = 13.50%

ii.         Above Rs.2 lac & upto Rs.50 lakh

iii.        Above Rs.50 lakh

1.   (C ) Doctors Loan (Financing Professionally Qualified Medical Practitioners)


Lending Rate

a) Advances up to Rs. 20.00 Lakh

BPLR-3.00 % = 11.00%

b) Advances over Rs. 20.00 Lakh

BPLR-2.75% = 11.25 %

2.    Loan for Farm Mechanization: (Tractor, Harvester, Power Triller etc):

BPLR- 1.50 %=12.50 %

3.   (a) Financing under capital Investment Subsidy Scheme for construction/renovation expansion of rural godowns:

BPLR- 1.50 %=12.50 %

(b) Advances for construction of Godowns as per FCI/CWC specifications:

BPLR- 1.50%=12.50 %

4.    Financing against pledge of warehouse receipts issued by CWC having forward sale contract with members/brokers of NMCE:


Lending Rate

(a)  Upto 2 Lakh

BPLR-1.00% =12.00 %

(b) Over Rs. 2 Lakh

BPLR -1.50% =12.50 %

5.    Advances  to  Food  and  Agro-based  processing  units  i.e.  Rice  Sheller  units/cold  Storage Units/Seed Processing Units/Flour Mills/Oil Mills and Advance to units engaged in Food and Agro Processing Activities like manufacturing/processing of pluses, Dal, Suzi, Besan etc. & its allied activities provided that the advances are covered under priority Sector:


Lending Rate

(a)  Upto 20 Lakh

BPLR-1.50%=12.50 %

(b) Over Rs. 20 Lakh

BPLR -1.00%= 13.00 %

6.    Advances under ‘Self Help Group Scheme (SHGs):


Lending Rate

A)  Loan  to  WSHGs  under  NRLM  (for  Category  I District) and NULM up to Rs. 3.00 Lac

7.00 %

B)  Loan  to  WSHGs  under  SRLM  (for  Category  II District)


C) Loan to SHGs other than mentioned above


7.    Financing Solar Water Heater Systems & Solar Lighting & Solar Photo vatic Water Pumping System etc.:

BPLR -2.00 % = 12.00%

8.    (a)Advances to Commercial Real Estate:


Lending Rate

a)   Advances upto Rs. 2 Lakh

BPLR-0.50 % = 13.50 %

b)   Advances over Rs. 2 Lakh

BPLR  = 14.00 %

(b) Advances against future lease rentals (Non-CRE category)


Lending Rate

Upto Rs. 10 Lacs

BPLR -2.00% = 12.00 %

Above Rs.10 Lacs upto Rs.1. Crore Lacs

BPLR – 1.50 % = 12.50 %

9.    Financing dealer for purchase of vehicles from RMCs:

BPLR-0.75% = 13.25%

10.  Advances to other categories of borrowers including NBFCs, Sugar Units, Services Sector & Advances to medium & large enterprises:

The interest rates for advances to borrowers, for which rates have not been specified elsewhere in the circular, shall be fixed as under:-


Lending Rate

Advances upto Rs. 20 Lakh

BPLR-1.00% = 13.00%

Advances above Rs. 20 Lakh

BPLR -0.50= 13.50%

11.  Adhoc Limits: In case of Adhoc limits, interest @ 2% above normal rate applicable to the borrower be charged


12.  Transport Operators:


Lending Rate

Advances upto Rs. 20 lakh

BPLR- 2.50% = 11.50 %

Advances over Rs. 20 lakh

BPLR-2.00% = 12.00 %



Lending Rate

Advances upto Rs.2 lakh

BPLR – 2.50% = 11.50%

Advances above Rs.2 lakh

BPLR – 2.00% = 12.00%

In case of terms Loans sanctioned for Bank premises, the contractual rate of interest stipulated at the time of sanction of the loan be charges and periodical revision of interest rates in such advances should not be made.

14.  Advances Against:


Lending Rate

a) Life Insurance Policies (LIP) / Postal securities (NSC/KVP/IVP)/RBI relief Bonds


I. Demand Loan

BPLR – 2.50 %= 11.50 %

I. Overdraft

BPLR – 2.00= 12.00 %

b) Other Govt. Securities, Bonds, Units of Mutual Fund, etc.

BPLR-0.5% = 13.50%

15.  DRI Advances:-             4.00 % ( Exempted from BPLR)

16.  Clean Advances:-          BPLR + 0.50% = 14.50%

17.  Advances Against Bank’s Own Deposits (exempted from BPLR):


Existing Lending Rates

Rupee  Loan  &  Advances  against  Term  Deposits standing in the name of Individual borrower (singly/jointly or as a guardian), including NRE deposits

2% above the rate allowed on deposit

Advances  to  Borrowers  against  third  party  term deposits  including  NRE  deposits  standing  in  the name of individuals or entities other than individuals e.g. Partnership Concerns, Societies, Trusts, Public/ Private Ltd Cos etc.

2% above the rate allowed on deposit,

Rupee Loans & Advances against FCNR(B) Deposits standing in the name of the borrower (singly/jointly or  as a  guardian),  Advances  against term deposits held by the bank for less than minimum stipulated period of FDR (on cancellation) and for

Advances against third party FCNR(B) deposits

2%  above  the  rate  allowed  on  deposit

subject to minimum BPLR


 BPLR +0.25% = 14.25%

18.  Intermediary Agencies:


Lending Rates

Term Loans sanctioned and working Capital Advance to intermediary

Agencies (including Housing Finance Agencies)




********************_                                      *********************




Housing Finance to individuals under Floating Rate Option:-


Upto Rs. 30 Lakh

Above Rs.30 Lakh to <

Rs. 75 Lakh

Rs.75 Lakh and above

Up to 30 Yrs

BPLR-4.95% =9.05%

BPLR- 4.95 % =9.05%

BPLR- 4.95 % =9.05%

  •  Additional discount of women to 0.05% on all the Slab of Housing Loan Mentioned Above.
  • Housing Loan under fixed rate option bear additional rate of 0.75% on all slabs as mentioned above. The fixed rate of interest option of Housing Loans will be subject to reset clause of five years on all repayment tenors except tenor up to 05 year.
  • Extra 0.25% rate of Interest on card rate will be charged in a/cs in respect of 3rd or subsequent house/flat.


1.   Loan against mortgage of Immovable Property:-

Less than 3 Yrs

3 Yrs & above

BPLR – 2.00 %=12.00%

BPLR – 1.50 %=12.50%

2.   Car Loan:-

Less than 3 Yrs

3 Yrs & above

BPLR - 4.55%=9.45 %

BPLR – 4.50% = 9.50 %

3.   Two-wheeler Loans:-

Less than 3 Yrs

3 Yrs & above

BPLR – 2.50 % = 11.50 %

BPLR- 2.00%  = 12.00%

4.   Personal Loan including old variants:-

a.   For Public

Lending Rate

i. Individuals whose salary is being disbursed through

our  branches  as  also  those  employees  who  are availing the loan under check-off facility

BPLR- 1.50% = 12.50 %

i.          For others

BPLR – 0.75% = 13.25 %

b.   For Defence Personal only



i.          Individuals  whose  salary  is  disbursed

through branch

BPLR - 1.75% = 12.25%

ii.         For others

BPLR - 1.25% = 12.75 %


5.   Education Loan:-


Lending Rate

Repayable in less than 03


Repayable in 03 Yrs & above

General Education Loan



i. Loan up to Rs.4 lac



ii. Over Rs. 4 Lac & up to Rs. 7.50




iii. Loans over Rs.7.50 Lac



Education loan scheme - 'Sarvottam'

BPLR-2.50=11.50% (*) For Female Candidate 0.50% rebate

Education loan scheme - 'Pratibha'

BPLR-4.50=9.50% (#)


Important Points for schemes mentioned in Annexure I & II.

  • Additional discount of 0.15% to women for all loans under Retail segment, however rebate of 0.5% is admissible in case of Education Loan scheme- ‘Sarvottam’(*) and additional rebate of 0.05% is applicable in case of education loan scheme Pratibha (#).
  •  Term premia @ 0.50% to be added for loans repayable in more than three years in case of MSE advances and Agriculture Term Loan.
  • Processing /Upfront Fee and documentation charges to be waived in all category of loan till further review. However, out of pocket charges to be recovered from borrower on actual basis.

*****************                                              *****************


Advances to Members of Staff (Exempted from BPLR):-

Annexure III


Lending Rate

A.  Jawellery

BPLR-1.25%=13.75% (Compounded)

B.  Life Insurance policies/Postal securities(i.e

NSC/KVP/IVP)/RBI Relief Bonds

BPLR-2.00%=12.00% (Compounded)

C.  Conveyance Loan


(i)  Officer Loan


(a)  Car Loan -   upto the ceiling prescribed in

the scheme

7.00% (Simple) for all ceiling. w.e.f 11.07.2016

(b) Other      modes      of     conveyance      viz.

Scooter/motor Cycle/Mopeds

7.00%   (Simple)   for   ceiling   prescribed   in

scheme. w.e.f 11.07.2016

(c)  Additional loan for purchase of two-wheeler

As applicable to public (best borrowers)

(f) Additional Loan for purchase of Car

As applicable to public (best borrowers)

(g) Loan for purchase of two-wheeler under public


As applicable to public

(ii)        Workmen Staff


(a)  Car Loan

7.00% (Simple) for ceiling prescribed in Award

Staff car Loan scheme. w.e.f 11.07.2016

(b) Scooter/MC/Moped

7.00% (Simple) for ceiling prescribed in Award

Staff car Loan scheme. w.e.f 11.07.2016

(c)  Additional      Loan      for     purchase      of

Scooter/Motor Cycle/Moper

As applicable to public (best borrowers)

(d)  Loan  for  purchase  of  two-wheeler  under

public scheme

As applicable to public

D. Festival Loan (All staff)

Free of interest

E. Advances against units of UTI and other Mutual

Funds approved as per Bank’s scheme

BPLR-2.00%=12.00% (Compounded)

F. Advance against Govt. Securities

BPLR-1.50%=12.50% (Compounded)

G. Advances against bank’s own deposits




(a)  Advances upto Rs. 3 Lakh

At  the  same  rate  as  allowed  on  the  relevant

deposit held by the member/honourably retired ex-members of the staff singly or jointly with their spouse or children and widows of staff singly.


(b) Advances over Rs. 3 Lakh

As applicable to public

(H) Scheme of Clean Overdraft facility

10.25%  w.e.f 01.05.2014

(I) Housing Loan Scheme for Staff


(a) Housing Loan to Sub Staff up to Rs. 16 Lac

6.75 % Simple w.e.f 11.07.2016

(b) Housing Loan to Clerical Staff up to Rs. 24 Lac

6.75 % Simple w.e.f 11.07.2016

(C) Housing Loan to Officers up to Rs. 40 Lac

6.75 % Simple w.e.f 11.07.2016

***********************                                         ***********************